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About Alvarum

Alvarum was founded in 2008 with the aim to revolutionize the way non-profits fundraise. Today we are the leader of online fundraising in France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Austria. Over a 1000 charities have raised more than 20 million euros with Alvarum in order to fund their projects.


We offer a variety of solutions to meet the needs of every kind of charity: from easy-to-use software solutions all the way to business process outsourcing.


Some of the world’s most impactful charities, like the Curie Institute or the WWF, trust us. We’ve also helped organize prestigious events like the Paris Marathon or the Berlin Marathon, and we support large corporations like the Société Générale.

Our team

  • Fabien Leybros

  • Léa Prud'homme

  • Olivier Fleckinger

  • Mathieu Pigache

  • Félicien François

  • Lucas Behier

  • François Blin

Our offices

Alvarum SAS

12 rue Anselme
93400 Saint Ouen