Tips for your fundraiser

Congratulations on starting your fundraising! We are glad to share tips with you that will help you raise more funds and make a difference for the charity you selected.

[Get ready]   [Contact close friends]   [Spread the news]   [Update your network]   [Repeat]

1st step: Get ready!

Time to make your Alvarum page lively

  • Upload a beautiful picture that best describes your project
  • Tell your story, explain in your own words why someone should give money on your Alvarum page. It might be because you have set a personal challenge for yourself or because of other personal reasons
  • Make the first donation to show the way to your supporters and kick off your fundraising
  • Set a target objective to your fundraising

2nd step: Contact personally your relatives and close friends

To get the initial traction, send a personal email or directly talk about your project to close friends and family so that you can get your first 3 significant donations and set the tone.

3rd step: Spread the news

After getting your first donations, craft your more beautiful emails and share the news on social networks. Get people to know that your project is necessary and more importantly show that you care. Don’t be shy with your colleagues, former classmates or people with whom you share a regular hobby! They will love supporting you.

4th step: Keep your network updated on your progress

Show that you have what it takes to achieve your goal each step of the way. Share pictures and short stories, prove that it is meaningful to you. You can also take the opportunity to ask them to spread the word, which will bring your fundraising to the next step!

5th step: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Things might take a little longer than planned, you just need to be steady. Don't hesitate to send a friendly reminder to people who told you they would make a donation. 7-10 days after the first email is generally the right timing. Once you've cleared the first hurdle, fundraising is a lot of fun. Keep your network (donors and future donors) updated all along the way, this is what will help you raise way over your fundraising objective and be so proud of your accomplishment!